Litigation has been a cornerstone of the Eno Martin Donahue practice for many years. Quite frankly, you cannot effectively negotiate for your clients if you cannot present a case for trial in front of a jury or judge.  The art of presenting evidence, cross examining witnesses, and intense investigation into the truth of any allegation or defense, as well as presenting motions is critical to help your client get an upper hand in a negotiation.

In fact, appealing a trial court decision that our clients may not agree with to a higher court is critical as well, people have to know that you can go the distance if need be to win your case.

But at the same time generally speaking 95% of cases filed settle out of court well before a trial occurs.

Most all cases are mediated at some point in their lifetime.

Prevention is worth a pound of cure

With years of experience with lawyers engaging in trench warfare and to try to win at all costs in the courtroom Eno Martin Donahue has developed a different approach to litigation. At Eno Martin Donahue, we think for your sake, it’s more important to take a step back to ensure we are proactive, efficient, and cost-effective. Keeping your goals in mind (not our egos), we don’t over-lawyer and focus on building solutions not fees. We are up-front about including ways to minimize costs in our initial discussions, because we believe you deserve a meaningful sense of budget at the beginning of any litigation process. We are aggressive advocates with an unusual sensitivity to managing litigation and we pre-plan to control your budget.

In your corner

When disputes are unavoidable, we will take immediate action on your behalf. We are experienced trial lawyers prepared to defend your rights through negotiation or in litigation in local, state and federal courts.