A one-stop shop for all your corporate legal needs

Many small and mid-sized businesses across Massachusetts and New Hampshire depend on us to serve as their general counsel. We provide comprehensive client service on the full spectrum of business transactions and legal issues, including:

  • ·         Entity selection and formation: We help you choose the right vehicle (incorporation, sole proprietorship, general or limited partnership, or LLC) to limit personal liability, preserve management flexibility and accommodate growth. We’ll make sure that your new company is properly registered with complete documentation defining the rights and responsibilities of each member of your ownership group.
  • ·         Corporate governance: Through the use of buy-sell agreements, business succession planning tools, and clearly drafted bylaws and operating agreements, we help ensure your officers, directors and managers have a thorough understanding of their respective responsibilities under a wide range of challenges and circumstances. We work closely with you and your management team to clear up misunderstandings and resolve disputes before they escalate into expensive litigation matters.
  • ·         Hands-on counsel for business operations: We help you navigate myriad legal obstacles that business owners may face, from employment issues and vendor contracts to real estate and equipment leasing to tax liability.
  • ·         Intellectual property: As a small business, you need to protect your brand. We can help you protect and monetize your IP assets, including trademark, copyright, and trade secrets.
  • ·         Purchase or sale of business assets: We help make sure your management and equity structure can accommodate growth at any scale or pace.
  • ·         Business litigation: We can handle a wide range of business litigation, from commercial collections to complex claims or counterclaims of fraud or misrepresentation. We’re ready to stand behind our agreements and documentation in court whenever necessary.

We know that many small businesses need both guidance and predictability, so we created My Outside General Counsel™,” a fixed-fee legal service that provides small- to mid-sized businesses with all the benefits of having in-house legal counsel without the expense. This comprehensive service helps to create cost certainty for smaller businesses looking to manage the myriad legal requirements surrounding general corporate, employment and regulatory law.