Legal services the way they were meant to be

The legal industry has changed, and not necessarily for the better. While some law firms focus on the billable hour, we focus on your bottom line. At Eno Martin Donahue, we proudly continue the heritage of service that dates back to 1887 when the first Donahue law firm opened its doors in Lowell. Like a true advisor, we listen to you and take time to determine a successful resolution tailored to your individual needs.

Today, we serve clients with the same focus on quality, integrity and affordability that over generations have become hallmarks of our firm. With both innovative fixed-fee and hourly rate programs that offer fee transparency, the firm is helping to set the standard for a new generation of attorneys and law firms.

Pride in public service

Public service is an important value at our firm. This reflects our close ties to an older legal tradition that demanded that a community’s lawyers make their skills, education and professional standing available for the wider public as well as for paying clients. Our record of public service demonstrates our commitment to a better quality of life for residents of the Merrimack Valley on both sides of the border.