Managing risk by managing employees

As a business owner, if you have employees, you have certain liabilities. We can show you how to minimize the incidence of workplace liability problems through sound application of carefully developed and properly implemented personnel policies.

Whether you need help with identifying areas of potential liability, formalizing and documenting policies, or investigating a particular employee complaint, we will help you understand your rights and responsibilities, while minimizing your exposure in such areas as the following:

  • Compensation, overtime and employee classification issues
  • Employee benefits, pension and COBRA problems
  • Employee discrimination complaints
  • Family and medical leave policies
  • Independent contractor, part-time employee, and third-party employment agency relationships
  • Negotiating, reviewing, modifying or terminating executive or professional employment contracts, including severance agreements
  • Problems with sexual harassment
  • Trade secrets, confidentiality or non-compete issues
  • Whistleblower complaints and employer retaliation issues

In addition to our work for employers, we also represent employees in workplace rights litigation, except where our prior relationship with the company presents a conflict of interest. Our experience with both sides of employment law issues allows us to provide dependable and objective advice that very often leads to a fair resolution of the situation without the stress and expense of protracted litigation.