You need an estate plan that changes as your life changes. We have a solution.

Family Care Plan is a comprehensive estate planning service created for individuals and families at all stages of their lives. Instead of a “one and done” approach, our Family Care Plan includes continuous review and adjustments to your estate plan. Our goal is to keep your estate plan current with changes in the law and in your life, giving you peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are taken care of.

Why Should You Use Our Family Care Plan Service?

Continuous Review, Tracking, and Alignment of Assets
The real work begins after the initial estate plan is created. Each year, our team will regularly review with you the character and ownership of your estate assets. We then provide an annual report of your assets to ensure that all your assets are properly aligned with your estate plan, that all your assets are properly funded into your trusts, and that all beneficiaries are properly designated consistent with your wishes and your estate plan.

Family Care Meeting

After the initial creation of your estate plan, changes may occur via our Family Care Plan services that require our team to arrange a Family Care Meeting. This Family Care Meeting is the opportunity for us to meet and explain our process to your loved ones and professional advisors who will implement your plan should you become incapacitated or pass away. Any questions and potential issues will be discussed during this meeting.

Ongoing Communications with Our Firm
The team members of our firm are readily available (responses within 48 hours) to answer by phone or email any of your reasonable questions or concerns without additional charge.

Collaboration with Your Financial Advisors, Accountants, and Insurance Agents
Our team will collaborate with your other professional advisors so that we are all working together with the mutual goal of taking care you and your family. There is no extra charge for all reasonable phone calls and emails with your other advisors.

Estate Planning Document Updates
Proper estate planning is not a single transaction of simply signing a will. Estate planning is an ongoing process. There will always be changes in the law and your life, and your estate plan should reflect those changes. Our team will regularly monitor your estate documents as necessary to ensure that your estate plan is current and consistent with your intent and any changes in the law.

Client Education Services
We will invite you, your loved ones, helpers, and advisors to attend occasional free educational seminars on various estate planning topics. These seminars keep you informed on the latest estate planning news, trends, strategies, and other subjects of interest. We will also send you periodic newsletters to keep you up to date on related subjects.

Additional Member Benefits
In addition to all the mentioned services, as a Family Care Plan member, you will receive:

  •  Free notary public services
  • Assistance finding an attorney if you have a legal need besides estate planning (referral to another firm or to one of our other attorneys)
  • A reasonable number of free copies of your estate documents
  • Invitations to occasional Client Appreciation fun social events for you and your family