The Merrimack Valley firm of Eno Martin Donahue, LLP announced this month that it is rolling out its unique and innovative “My Outside General Counsel™” Program that provides legal services on a fixed rate basis.

“We have designed a customized fixed fee program for your business needs so that it is predictable and of considerable value,” said Attorney William Martin a firm partner. “We do retainer work for corporations now, and decided that we could design a similar program for the smaller and medium sized businesses,” said Martin.

The firm’s goal is to help businesses avoid crises to the extent possible by making sure that businesses are in compliance with the laws that govern their business operation.

The Program combines the talents of the firm. Matthew C. Donahue whose practice area focuses on business litigation, government regulation and environmental law and William Martin whose focus is on corporate, business organization, banking and residential and commercial transactional work.

“We feel we can provide a small company with access to a true firm and a team approach. We have an experienced capable staff that can handle a solid range of business issues for our clients,” Martin stated.

The manner in which attorneys bill their clients is coming under more scrutiny by firms who are looking to provide services to their clients. We believe that you can provide valuable services at a predictable fee.

The Program allows business to customize a set of services for its needs. “We want people to have access to counsel and to call us and to address issues before they get too out of hand.”

Some of the services provided include:

  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail access to an experienced lawyer familiar with your area of need
  • Up to 20 hours of legal research on an issue confronting your business
  • A pre-planning session in which we do an analysis of your business and organization to assess the “Legal Health of Your Business”.
  • A reduced rate on litigation matters if sued
  • An invitation to attend our Annual Business Seminar on relevant topics facing businesses

The Program is borne out of the concept of preventative lawyering which seeks to prevent problems by encouraging businesses to have a lawyer who knows their operation. “In the end, clients want value, and we are willing to work with them to make this happen,” said Martin.

“Our approach is to develop a long lasting relationship with our clients so that we can assist them as they grow or in this climate, as they face the challenges in the marketplace. We want to be a part of the team not viewed as a liability or an unaffordable necessary evil.” Martin concluded.

Get Legal Counsel For Your Company

If you have legal issues confronting your business, you should seek the counsel of an attorney. Matthew Donahue is an attorney with the experience to handle any of your corporate, business organization, banking and residential and commercial transnational needs. Call 1-866-848-5585 or contact Matthew online for more information on how the attorneys at Eno Martin Donahue, LLP can help you.